Creating Characters

This Creating Characters lesson plan also includes:

Examine character in depth. Over the course of these six lessons, learners explore their own character traits, determine the traits of characters in the books they read, practice comparing and contrasting, and collaborate in small groups and pairs.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Follow through each plan for over a week of work on characters and character traits or pick and choose your favorite activity to enrich your study of a particular text or set of characters
  • Get to know your pupils with the acrostic poem personality traits activity
Classroom Considerations
  • While the lesson plans are designed to go with books from the Magic Tree House series, the procedures and materials could be used with any other text
  • Some of the plans may be a bit young for older children; however, the materials could be adapted for use in a middle school setting
  • Comes with a printable list of character traits organized alphabetically that pupils can use as assistance while they work on their acrostic poems
  • Provides templates and graphic organizers that go with the lesson plans
  • None