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Creating a Budget

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Learning to create and maintain a budget is an important life skill. Guide individuals in the discovery of their spending habits and how to track them. They then use what they learned to create a budget and make decisions on where they want to spend their money.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use to create an awareness of spending and the importance of a budget
  • Encourage high schoolers to share their discoveries with their families and/or involve parents in the process
  • Can be used in a consumer math class or incorporated as a high school algebra project
Classroom Considerations
  • If using with younger learners, sample data may need to be created as they may not have personal spending experience
  • Detailed worksheets are provided to make the data collection and organization efficient
  • Rubric is included
  • An essay requirement is included to encourage reflection on personal spending and budget discoveries
  • None
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