Constructing Reflections

This Constructing Reflections handout also includes:

An informative video and handout provide the basic information needed to reflect any pre-image across either of the axes on the coordinate plane. The printed resource provides a preview of reflecting across lines other than an axis. Within the lesson, the instruction continues with how to deal with a series of two transformations. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide opportunities to practice reflections across other lines
  • Use the video as the instructional part of a flipped classroom
Classroom Considerations
  • Some individuals will confuse the equations for the reflections across the different axis
  • The lesson is part four in an 11-part unit on congruence and similarity
  • Provides equations to determine reflections across axes
  • Associates reflections with fold and stamp
  • The primary instructional method is limited to direct instruction followed by independent practice
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