Lesson Plan

Constitution Day

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Travel back to 1787 as young scholars investigate the creation of the US Constitution. After first working in small groups to create sets of classroom rules, learners go on to read a summary of the Constitution and watch a short video before participating in a Constitutional Convention simulation.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Include this lesson in a unit on the US Constitution or teach it in recognition of Constitution Day
  • Allow students to read and discuss the Constitution with a partner or in small groups before having a whole-class discussion
  • Perform the Constitution Convention simulation on a separate day, allowing enough time for students to really engage in the activity
  • Provide older learners with actual copies of the Constitution, rather than the short summary included in the lesson
  • Includes supplemental videos that are appropriate for both middle and high school students
  • Offers activities for extending student learning about the US Constitution
  • Provides a document that clearly describes the the roles of students during the simulation
  • None