Connecting Ideas in Primary and Secondary Sources: What Led to the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

Let'a make some sense of those thoughts! Scholars continue thinking about the different perspectives about Pearl Harbor. They analyze quotes from War in the Pacific, Day of Infamy, and Fourteen-Part Message. Readers tape each quote to chart paper with a related idea, and then take a tour around the room to determine if they agree or disagree with the placement of the quotes.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Discuss in more detail each heading written on the chart paper
Classroom Considerations

  • Resource is ninth of 13 in the Grade 8 ELA Module 3A, Unit 1 series
  • Assumes teachers implement the lessons in order
  • Requires chart paper and tape

  • Includes teaching notes to clarify instruction
  • Suggests ideas for helping struggling learners

  • None
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