CoachMyVideo Mobile: Easy Frame-Capture

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Your class will be eager to improve their physical skills and bring their games to the next level after working with you and this app! Record your young athletes as they demonstrate their unique athletic abilities, and then review movements frame-by-frame with analysis tailored to their specific needs.

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App Overview


  • Frame-by-frame analysis with ability to zoom, draw lines to focus on particular areas, discover angles, and play back in slow motion
  • Analyze two separate videos side by side, with flexibility to play back/comment on only one or both at the same time
  • Access images and videos directly from your camera roll
  • Share images in HD

Tip: Watch demo videos and sample reviews of other coaches by tapping on the settings icon or checking out the developer's website.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use as an assessment tool by recording a base video for each of your young athletes, and then after practicing and developing a targeted skill for a period of time, take a final video and review progress together
  • Have learners try a skill three consecutive times, each time making a small adjustment, and then analyze movements side by side
  • After illustrating how to analyze a movement with the app, partner-up students and have them practice giving each other feedback
Classroom Considerations

There is no side-by-side viewing capacity if you are using the app on a mobile device rather than on a tablet.

If allowing class members to use the app on their own, be aware of social media and sharing capacities. For example, Request a Video Lesson allows users to e-mail the developer for a tutorial on their video.


  • Opportunity to provide visual, immediate feedback
  • Personalized coaching and instruction

  • Since app is best used for individual feedback, projection of images and feedback may be needed for larger class sizes