Civil War Trust Animated Map: Franklin

Though not as well known as other battles of the Civil War, the Battle of Franklin resulted in substantial Union gains and enormous Confederate casualties. Learn more about an important battle of 1864 with an animated map video.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have class members write a letter home from the perspective of a soldier on the front line of either the Union or Confederate army
  • Encourage learners to research one of the figures wounded or killed in the battle, including Brigadier General States Rights Gist, Brigadier General Hiram Granbury, Brigadier General John Adams, or Major General Patrick Cleburne
  • Begin a class discussion, debate, or argument paper assignment about the preservation of Civil War battlefields
Classroom Considerations

  • Due to the small type and fast movement of the annotation, assigning the video for individual viewing rather than class projection would be most effective
  • Part of a series on prominent battles of the Civil War
  • Details of military tactics will fascinate Civil War enthusiasts, but may be overwhelming to others in the class

  • Timeline at the top of the map helps to track the time movement during the battle

  • Does not include audio narration; relies on viewers to read annotated notes for each slide
  • Production quality is not as high as others in the playlist