Civil War Trust Animated Map: First Day at Chancellorsville

Following the Battle at Fredericksburg, the Union Army was suffering from low morale and even lower troop numbers. Once General Joseph Hooker took control, however, the outlook was not so bleak. An animated map from the Civil War Trust takes viewers through the troop movements and significant moments of the first day at Chancellorsville, led by General Hooker for the Union and General Robert E. Lee for the Confederacy.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Include in a larger project in which small groups analyze the importance and significance of individual battles
  • Have class members write an argument essay about which side they believe acted more prudently or more heroically
Classroom Considerations

  • Includes an extensive amount of written commentary but no narration; best used as an independent viewing assignment rather than a class activity
  • Intricate detail of troop movements may confuse learners who are not familiar with military tactics

  • Provides context for the battle in the beginning of the video
  • Short length helps maintain viewer interest

  • Quality is not as high as others in the playlist