Chemistry Lesson: The Mole (Avogadro's Number)

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Avagodro's number (The Mole) ... you are not researching that cute little mole on your cheek! Avagodro's number refers to The Mole, a vital component to chemistry. This video segment will discuss the mole and further elaborate on the concept with easy-to-follow examples.



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Instructional Ideas
  • Use practice problems with real-life examples to further enhance the delivery of this concept
  • Allow individuals to create their own problems and discuss in detail
Classroom Considerations
  • The first in a series of four related resources
  • The video segment is both short in duration and cute in presentation, it will appeal to emerging chemists in the classroom, and spark a desire to explore further into the topic
  • The delivery is applicable to all types of learners and can be used as an enhancement tool for the chemistry classroom
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