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Lights, camera, action! With the cell at center stage, guide your seventh grade biologists through the tiny drama that plays out within every living thing. Then, enjoy the show as they portray the organelles they've studied—a performance worthy of cell-uloid!

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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider performing the living cells play for your whole school to enjoy
  • Provide colored pencils for cell labeling activities to help differentiate organelles
Classroom Considerations
  • Plan time for preparations! The Living Cells is a live-action play, complete with props and a script 
  • Ensure individuals do not become overwhelmed at the volume of information; grouping the organelles by function (transport, structure, etc.) can lend another point of reference
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  • Very thorough in providing a variety of instructional tools from start to finish
  • The in-class play is unforgettable for teachers and classmates
  • Builds a solid foundation for further learning in Cell Theory
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