Lesson Plan

Celebrating Our Connections Through Water

Water is vital for survival, but how does it help global cultures flourish? Elementary and middle schoolers learn about the different cultures around the world that celebrate water and incorporate it into their festivals or traditions.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Allow learners to choose from the extension activities to create their own assessment project
  • Encourage small groups to conduct research during the first step of the activity to provide some background knowledge
  • Connect to a science class when teaching about the properties and ubiquity of water
Classroom Considerations
  • References I'm in Charge of Celebrations, a book by Byrd Baylor, which can be substituted for any other book with a similar theme
  • Meets a variety of National Standards for language arts, geography, science, music, and visual arts
  • Provides a blank chart, a filled-in chart, and two reading passages from Peace Corps volunteers
  • None