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Categorizing Matter | UNC-TV Science

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Take the difficulty out of classifying matter with an easy-to-follow activity that makes distinguishing between pure substances and mixtures simple. Scholars explore how matter is grouped between two categories—pure substances and mixtures—based on specific criteria while viewing an animated video that explains the concepts. A matching worksheet provides pupils an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency with content.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Allow group members to work with partners to complete the worksheet
  • Conduct a pure substance versus mixture class poll using common substances after viewing the video
Classroom Considerations
  • There is no answer key, so teachers may want to create their own ahead of time
  • Arrange the learning space to accommodate audience members' accessibility needs
  • Incorporates relevant science vocabulary 
  • Breaks down content with clear visuals to compare and contrast concepts
  • Participant worksheet key not provided