Lesson Plan

Carlisle Indian Industrial School

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How do policies aimed to help actually hurt? Native American boarding schools—an attempt at assimilating children of indigenous tribes into white culture—had a shattering effect on those who attended. With primary sources, including newspapers and firsthand accounts, interested historians consider the purpose of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School. After looking at the primary sources, they connect the documents to other federal policies and current challenges that affect First Peoples.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use primary sources to discuss the effects of Native American boarding schools on indigenous peoples
Classroom Considerations
  • Teachers may need to create a Stanford History Education Group account to access the resource
  • Learners should be familiar with nineteenth and twentieth century Native American history
  • Some language in documents is derogatory toward indigenous peoples
  • Guiding questions engage learners in historical debate
  • Lesson is easy to connect to current and past issues affecting Native Americans
  • Documents are difficult to read or need editing to use in class