Can You Solve the $20 Riddle?

Do your young scientists love a good brain teaser? A video from an extensive physics playlist introduces a creative way to work those critical thinking skills. Watch as the host works through the scenarios that involve logic, statistics, and language skills.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Pause the video when instructed and give the class some time to solve the riddles
  • Work through solutions with pupils on the board to help them visualize the strategizing process
Classroom Considerations

  • The guest makes a strongly worded exclamation when showing the solution to one of the puzzles; be mindful of this when showing the video
  • Consider jotting down the conditions for each riddle on the board so learners can keep track of them as they try to solve them

  • The narrator and her guest talk through a number of strategies, giving viewers a great example of reasoning
  • Riddles are challenging and engaging

  • None
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