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Seeing is believing! Bring DNA to life for young biologists using a simple extraction lab. Individuals extract the DNA from wheat germ, then place it in a microcentrifuge tube for observation. They thread yarn or other material through the tube's cap loop to create wearable science.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have pupils bring their own necklace material to allow them to personalize their work
  • Use the lab as an extended observation lesson by having the class keep and observe their DNA samples over a few weeks
Classroom Considerations
  • Use ethyl alcohol, rather than isopropyl, for better DNA extraction
  • Tailor the lesson to the level of knowledge of your class by adding to or subtracting from the guiding questions in the lab
  • Activity is engaging for learners of all ages—everyone wants to see DNA!
  • The printable lab is full of fun facts that help illustrate the structure and function of DNA
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