Building Background Knowledge: Vietnam as a “Battleground in a Larger Struggle”

New Review

Read. Stop. Think. Scholars use a reading strategy to process the challenging text, "The Vietnam Wars.They first read a paragraph and then stop to think about the text and what it says. Readers then go on to work with partners and make notes of their thoughts in the margin before turning in independent exit tickets as a daily assessment.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Review, compare, and contrast characteristics of historical fiction and informational text before beginning
Classroom Considerations

  • Makes use of a teacher-prepared exemplary response to the mid-unit writing prompt
  • Part nine of 14 in Grade 8 ELA Module 1, Unit 1
  • Lessons build on one another

  • Includes an organizer for note taking
  • Divides the reading into sections for easier processing

  • None