Lesson Plan

Author’s Perspective

This Author’s Perspective lesson plan also includes:

Gradually build understanding of author's point of view through a scaffolded set of exercises. Moving from direct instruction, to collaborative work, and eventually to independent practice, these steps will assist your class in grasping the concept of the author's point of view. The plan requires learners to read and analyze a series of included texts.

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Instructional Ideas
  • This point-of-view lesson could easily be broken up over the course of several days; you can spend the start of several classes working on point of view
Classroom Considerations
  • Take note that the assessment answers are on the same page as the questions; you'll want to cover them up when making copies
  • The graphic organizer is a sample, so you'll want to use it as a model to create your own set of organizers
  • The resource talks about accompanying student handout; while this is not included, all the texts are provided in this teacher guide
  • Comes with each text your class will analyze
  • Provides a sample graphic organizer and model responses
  • Includes assessments and answer keys
  • None