Arthur's World Neighborhood: Building Global and Cultural Awareness

This Arthur's World Neighborhood: Building Global and Cultural Awareness unit also includes:

Kids become global anthropologists as they explore commonalities and differences both in their classroom and expanding across the globe. Throughout several activities, learners conduct partner interviews that culminate in Venn diagrams, incorporate family stories and traditions, use a compass rose to practice directions on a map, and study cultures in other countries. There are also resources for a pen pal activity and a balloon globe geography project! Check out the Materials tab for printable worksheets to accompany the curriculum. 

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Classroom Considerations

  • If you don't have them taped, the videos mentioned throughout are available online, and can be found by a simple search
  • Some of the URLs do not exist anymore. Find the materials mentioned in the resource in the Materials section 

  • Great worksheets and interactive ideas will keep kids engaged as well as organized
  • The focus is on discovering what other people and cultures are actually like in their everyday life, not on stereotypes or assumptions

  • The World Wide Web Adventure shouldn't be used, as most of the links do not work