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Arlington Springs Man: Lesson Plan 4

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West of the West's documentary Arlington Springs Man introduces viewers to the remarkable finds on Santa Rosa Island. Archaeologist have discovered on this small island that is part of the Channel island chain, human and pygmy mammoth bones that they claim prove the existence of the Kelp Highway. What is the Kelp Highway? Who was Arlington Springs Man? Why are the discoveries on Santa Rosa Island so important? A study guide for the documentary will lead viewers on a voyage of discovery and to some answers for these questions.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Provide viewers with the study guide and vocabulary worksheet, assign the video for out of class viewing, and have class members complete the packet before returning to class for discussion
  • Assign groups research projects based on the information found in the additional resources section
Classroom Considerations
  • If assigning as a flipped classroom exercise, ensure that all class members have access to the video
  • The 10-page packet includes the study guide and answer key, a vocabulary worksheet, a fact sheet, and an annotated list of addition resources
  • Also included are fact sheets and articles designed to provide instructors with additional background information
  • None