Arduino Blink Challenge

This Arduino Blink Challenge lesson plan also includes:

Emerging engineers read about Arduino software and how it can be used. Then they follow a nine-step tutorial to connect an Arduino board to a computer and put it to work! The objective is to code a program that will cause an LED to consistently turn on for five seconds, then turn off for two. Understanding of circuits and computer coding is required for high schoolers, while purchasing the appropriate materials is required for the teacher. The publisher lists Next Generation Science Standards for grades 3 - 8, but this lesson is really only appropriate for high schoolers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Designed
  • Meets Next Generation Science Standards and adaptable to Common Core State Standards
  • A lesson on software and coding is a rare and valuable find
  • Provides clear instructions for engineering teams and six reflection questions for self analysis
  • Requires equipment that many classrooms may not already have available (purchasing information is provided)