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Amanda Gorman Reads Inauguration Poem, 'The Hill We Climb'

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Following in the tradition established by John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, the Inauguration Ceremony of Joseph Biden  featured an Inauguration Poem. National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman's powerful recitation of her Inauguration Poem "The Hill We Climb" is captured in this short video.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide groups with the text of Gorman's poem and ask them to identify the poetic and rhetorical devices she employs, as well as the many allusions she incorporates
  • Have groups compare Gorman's "The Hill We Climb" to the Inaugural Poems of Maya Angelou and Robert Frost, identifying how each poet addresses the challenges and concerns of the times
  • The text of Angelou's and Frost's poems can be found here
Classroom Considerations
  • Younger learners may need help identifying the many poetic, musical, and rhetorical devices Gorman employs
  • Show the video in full-screen mode to avoid seeing related videos
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • Gorman's energetic and animated delivery will capture the attention of viewers of all ages
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