Ad Creation

How would someone market a new cereal to space aliens? Using the third lesson plan from a four-part Admongo series on advertising, pupils learn about persuasive techniques companies use to convince consumers to purchase their products. As a whole class, scholars discuss how research affects the way ads are created. To finish, small groups use the information to create their own ads for specific target audiences. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Display students' advertisements in the classroom 
  • Have small groups discuss how advertisers might select where to place ads
Classroom Considerations
  • Print enough worksheets for each individual and have pens, markers, and paper available for the advertisements
  • Includes a helpful step-by-step sequence for a guided discussion about target audiences
  • Lesson plan is effectively organized with an objective, materials, directions, and wrap-up
  • None
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