A Reading Guide to Sarah, Plain and Tall

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Eliminate the hard work of creating an entire literature unit with this reading guide for the novel Sarah, Plain and Tall. From background information about the author and her motivation for writing the story to reading comprehension questions and extension activities, this resource provides everything a teacher needs to dive with their class into a reading of this award-winning book.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this resource to guide your elementary class through a reading of the novel Sarah, Plain and Tall
  • Provide students with the reading comprehension questions for each chapter, having them record their responses before discussing their ideas with a partner or small group
  • Create learning menus out of the different extension activities, having students complete a certain number by the end of the unit
  • Includes a list of reading comprehension questions for each chapter of the book
  • Provides comprehensive descriptions of the characters, plot, setting, and major themes from the novel
  • A glossary is provided with 35 key terms and definitions from the story
  • Offers a list of five different writing activities that complement a reading of the book
  • 10 hands-on activities are provided that engage students in a reading of this story
  • None