A Place to Be

Home sweet home. Humans, birds, beavers, ants, we all need a place place to rest and keep us safe. In the ninth lesson of this series, the importance of shelter is discussed as the teacher reads aloud the book Tillena Lou's Day in the Sun. A matching game is then played in which learners pair up animals from the story with their unique homes. If possible, bring in a birds nest, beehive, ant farm, or other animal home to further demonstrate the different types of shelter that animals create.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Memory game engages students in learning about the habitats of different animals
  • Includes blank game cards, allowing learners to create their own drawings of animals and their shelters
  • The childrens book Tillena Lou's Day in the Sun is available online
  • Teacher should emphasize how animals use materials fromm their environment to create shelter