A Mammoth Undertaking: The Science of De-Extinction!

If scientists could use biotechnology to bring back extinct species, should it? A thought-provoking video explores the technical and ethical considerations of this question as part of a larger biology playlist. It explains what would be required, the progress already made, and the outlook for the future of this application of biotechnology.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Debate which extinct animal scientists should bring back to life—or whether or not they should at all— if they had the capability
  • Consider if we should try to prevent extinctions or just realize that it is a natural part of the cycle on Earth
Classroom Considerations

  • Content lasts 4:45 and the rest is an advertisement

  • Connects technology, archaeology, ethics, and more
  • Provides closed captioning for the hearing impaired
  • Includes references for those wanting to learn more

  • None