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A Farmer’s Challenge to Breed to the Greatest of Grapes

This A Farmer’s Challenge to Breed to the Greatest of Grapes lesson plan also includes:

What does your class know about GMOs? Are they savvy to selective breeding? Challenge young minds to engineer the greatest crop of all time using a hands-on genetics unit. Learners discover the good and bad details of selective breeding, apply the knowledge to local agriculture, and practice Punnett squares and probabilities to achieve the crop with the best overall traits.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Before starting the activity, have pupils list the attributes that they think the perfect crop would possess
  • For homework, assign an article that explains the environmental factors that affect genetics and crop quality
Classroom Considerations
  • The challenge revolves around a specific location; consider modifying the lesson to reflect a local agribusiness that your class recognizes
  • Plan at least one computer lab day for research
  • The lesson is extremely well-rounded and includes video links, materials lists, and printables
  • Discussion questions and research objectives help individuals form their own opinions and support them with data and facts
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