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Who was Frederick Douglass? Video
Who was Frederick Douglass?
Thomas Jefferson - Author of The Declaration of Indepence & 3rd U.S. President | Mini Bio | BIO Video
Thomas Jefferson - Author of The...
How Computers Work: What Makes a Computer, a Computer? Video
How Computers Work: What Makes a Computer,...
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Lesson Planet

Rock Music

For Teachers 8th
Only boys like Rock n' Roll. That's not so! Eighth graders consider the origin of rock music as well as some associated stereotypes. They discuss who listens to rock music, when it originated, and then they analyze some current pop...
Lesson Planet

Classifying Rocks

For Teachers 5th
A well-designed lesson plan on rock classification awaits you. In it, fifth graders are divided into groups. Each group is given a box of rocks which they must sort into two categories. They use the "Rock 'n Roll Rule," in making their...
Lesson Planet

1950's Rock and Roll

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students complete an Individual Artist Information Sheet on famous 1950's Rock and Roll musician. They read one of the chapeters on "Elvis Pressley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Rockabilly, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Everly Brothers, or...
Lesson Planet

Rock 'N Roll Mount Rushmore

For Teachers 6th - 9th
Students, in groups, gather information about the sculptor Gutzon Borglum and the four presidents he carved in the South Dakota mountain, Mt. Rushmore. Groups create a Rock 'n' Roll President brochure.
Lesson Planet

Rock 'n Roll

For Students 6th - 8th
In this music worksheet, middle schoolers find the words that are used to name bands and the answers are found by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.
1 In 1 Collection 1:36
Lesson Planet

English "Alphabet Song" (ABCs Rock) - Rockin' English

For Students Pre-K - 1st Standards
Rock out with the ABCs! Listen to a new take on the alphabet song with this rock 'n' roll version that will surely make the class want to dance. 
2 In 2 Collections 2:16
Lesson Planet

The Letter U Song

For Students Pre-K - 1st Standards
U is for up and upside down and many other unbelievably unique and useable words! Get up and rock out with a traditional rock 'n roll-themed music video featuring the letter U. 
1 In 1 Collection 1:34
Lesson Planet

Possessive Pronouns Song–"Mine and Yours"–Rockin' English

For Students 1st - 6th Standards
Possessive pronouns have never sounded so good! Sing along and practice reading sentences using the possessive pronouns mine and yours with this rock n' roll music video.    
1 In 1 Collection 1:18
Lesson Planet

"Have and Has Song"–Rockin' English

For Students 1st - 5th Standards
A fun, rock n' roll beat and light-hearted example sentences make up this music video designed to support your instruction of perfect tense verbs, have and has.
1 In 1 Collection 1:17
Lesson Planet

"I Am, You Are, He/She Is" Song–Present Simple "To Be" Lesson–Rockin English (Grammar)

For Students 1st - 5th Standards
I am, you are, he is, and she is. Gather around and sing loud and proud with this rock n' roll song designed to inform learners about the present tense verb to be. 
1 In 1 Collection 2:47
Lesson Planet

"Alphabet Song" - English ABCs (Whole) by Rockin' English

For Students Pre-K - 1st Standards
Add a little rock 'n' roll flare to the traditional alphabet song with this modern rendition that first sings a laid back, slow version, then speeds things up with a more upbeat tempo.   
1 In 1 Collection 1:06
Lesson Planet

"Count to 20 Song" - Rockin' English Musical Lesson (Numbers 1-20)

For Students Pre-K - 1st Standards
Pupils will be tapping their toes to this upbeat, rock 'n' roll song that counts from one to twenty and provides a visual representation of each number!  
1 In 1 Collection 1:38
Lesson Planet

"The Seasons Song" - English Lesson on The Four Seasons

For Students Pre-K - 3rd Standards
Get to know the four seasons with a rock n' roll ballad. Listen and sway as the singer details the four seasons, complete with hand-drawn animation and a fun beat.
1 In 1 Collection 2:43
Lesson Planet

The Letter Z Song

For Students Pre-K - 1st Standards
An alphabet doo-wop group sings a tune all about the letter Z. Words appear alongside captivating graphics set to a rock 'n' roll beat. 
Lesson Planet

Modern/Contemporary Music

For Teachers 4th - 8th
Learn about each of the major players that contributed to each genre of modern/contemporary music. This slideshow covers the last 100 years in American music, from Gershwin to Michael Jackson, Folk to Reggae. Tip: It would be great to...
Lesson Planet

Selling Rock 'N Roll to the PTA

For Teachers 7th - 12th
Pupils roleplay companies who have excess items to sell. Given a specific item, they pick a market to target, write a letter of persuasion to them, and design an ad, slogan, and brochure that features the marketable qualities of their item.
Lesson Planet

Rock N Roll Philosophy

For Students 10th - 12th
In this word puzzle worksheet, students find the names of 30 songs and a recording artist that made the song a hit. Each song title gives some advice. Major words in the title and artist names are given as the first letter of the word.
Lesson Planet

Rock N Roll Philosophy

For Students 8th - 11th
In this philosophy worksheet, students identify the names of songs when given the first letter of each word.  This one-page worksheet contains 28 clues.  Answers are provided at the bottom of the page.
Lesson Planet

Signin' the Blues with Rock, Rap 'n Roll

For Teachers 6th
Sixth graders listen to recordings and study jazz and the blues music. They identify the instrumentation and explore the 12-bar blues progression. After experimenting with different sound, 6th graders create their own arrangement, with...
Lesson Planet

Music Styles

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Students identify many genres of music and connect styles of music with various cultures. They watch "The Greatest TV Moments: Sesame Street Music A to Z" and list music styles: folk, jazz, rock, etc.
Lesson Planet

Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Life Since 1930

For Teachers 6th - 8th
The King of Rock'n Roll, Twiggy, William Beveridge? Sounds like its time to review events occurring after 1930. Kids play this fun Millionaire-style game to review common knowledge British trivia. This game would be a fun challenge for...
Lesson Planet

Remembering Buddy Holly

For Students 8th - 9th
In this music worksheet, students locate 42 hidden words relating to Buddy Holly. Words are hidden in a traditional word search format.
Lesson Planet

AC/DC - One of the Greatest Rock Bands Ever!

For Students 9th - 12th
High schoolers can hone their research skills by employing the Internet to find the answers to the trivia questions presented in this on-line worksheet. This worksheet focuses on questions about the band AC/DC. There are ten questions...
Lesson Planet

Trendy T's

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Students consider popular trends, such as rock fashion. They create designs for t-shirts that represent current pop culture and write pitch letters selling their ideas to the clothing industry in the year 2030.

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