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9 reviewed resources for female mathematicians

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The Circulatory System Part 1: The Heart Video
The Circulatory System Part 1: The Heart
Language and Creativity Video
Language and Creativity
Cells - Overview & Introduction Video
Cells - Overview & Introduction
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Lesson Planet: Curated OER

Hypatia: Angles

For Teachers 6th - 7th
Introduce your young geometers to Hypatia, the first noted Greek female mathematician, and the properties of angles. Though this resource is missing worksheets that are needed to complete the lesson, the structure is sound and learning...
Lesson Planet: Curated OER

Mathematicians and Scientists Treasure Hunt

For Teachers 7th - 12th
Students match a fact with a mathematician or scientist using the Internet. They read about a mathematician or scientist that happens to be female or a person of color.
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Lesson Planet: Curated OER

King of Math: Full Game

For Students 3rd - 8th Standards
All hail the king! Young mathematicians put their skills to the test as they strive to become the king of math.
Lesson Planet: Curated OER

Performance-Based Assessment Practice Test (Grade 6 Math)

For Students 6th Standards
Keep track of your sixth graders' mastery of the Common Core math standards with this practice assessment. Taking a different approach than most standardized tests, this resource includes not only multiple choice questions, but also free...
Lesson Planet: Curated OER

Addition Word Problems

For Students 1st - 2nd
Use this set of simple addition word problems to get your mathematicians thinking about applicable arithmetic. They read nine scenarios and choose an answer from a list of numbers. There are the same number of answers as problems, so...
Lesson Planet: Curated OER

Mathematics and Computers

For Teachers 7th
Seventh graders discuss computers and their makers. For this lesson, 7th graders choose a mathematician of their choice and discuss how they impacted our world. They research a favorite mathematician based on tiers.      
Lesson Planet: Curated OER

Numbers in Nature

For Teachers 9th - 11th
Learners identify numbers in nature. In this algebra lesson, students solve problems using Fibonacci sequence as it is expressed in nature. They research the Fibonacci's pattern as it relates to numbers.
Lesson Planet: Curated OER

The Changing Face of Science

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Students are introduced to the ways women have changed the fields of Science and Math. Using the internet, they research women's contributions to these two fields and take notes on the information they find. They organize their data...
Lesson Planet: Curated OER

Number Patterns and Sequences

For Students 5th - 6th
In this number patterns and sequences worksheets, students complete activities for number patterns and sequences including Fibonacci's Sequence, lines, regular polygons, and towers. Students complete 15 problems.