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15 reviewed resources for fall astronomy day

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Lesson Planet

Small Body Classification

For Students 7th - 8th
Is an asteroid the same thing as a meteor? What about a comet? Learn the differences between small celestial bodies with a worksheet that lists several characteristics and space for kids to note which belongs to a comet, asteroid, or...
Lesson Planet

Taking the Measure of the Universe

For Teachers 6th - 9th
Four fabulous activities immerse amateur astronomers into measuring objects that we cannot handle. The experiences are applied to NASA's Space Interferometry Mission, which will take measurements of planets around stars other than our...
Lesson Planet

Astronomical Song Lyrics

For Students 8th - 10th
In this astronomy and song lyrics worksheet, learners are given 10 lyric fragments from different artists. Students select 3 of the fragments and write short essays about each to explain their thoughts from a human and astronomical point...
Lesson Planet

History of Astronomy

For Teachers 7th - 9th
Students participate in assessments regarding the history of astronomy. They listen and take notes, draw a time line, draw a solar sytem designed by Ptolemy and create flashcards. They write an essay on Galileo, watch a video, take a...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Exploring Seasonal Shadows and Sunlight

For Teachers 5th - 8th
What can shadows tell us about the changing season? Over several months, astronomy learners record length and position of an outdoor object's shadow, such as a flagpole. They apply the data to a growing hypothesis and note the patterns...
Lesson Planet

Stars and Slopes

For Teachers 10th - 12th
More of a math lesson plan than physics or space science, high schoolers take a set of data and plot it on a log-log coordinate system. The write-up for day two was never completed, but day one, "Stars and Slopes," is complex and...
Lesson Planet

Solstice and Equinox Season Model

For Teachers 4th - 8th Standards
How can December 21 be the shortest day of the year when all days are 24 hours long? Pupils see how to build a model showing the differences between winter and summer solstices and equinoxes. Using this model, classes can then discuss...
Lesson Planet

Where in the World is 5T?

For Teachers 4th - 6th
Students use the Internet to research astronomy questions written by another class. As questions are answered, clues are given telling where the other class is "hiding" in the world.
Lesson Planet

Tanabata, Astronomy

For Teachers K - 1st
Pupils identify different aspects of Astronomy in Japanese. They identify the sun, moon, and Earth. Also students investigate the origins of The Tanabata Festival and how it is celebratedin modern times.
Lesson Planet

Anza and Font in Search of Latitude

For Teachers 7th
This is an integrated lesson that incorporates Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. In Social Studies, 7th graders complete an online interview and complete an online worksheet about latitude of sites on the Anza trail. In Science...
Lesson Planet

Follow the Sun

For Teachers 4th - 7th
Students use a simple model of the Earth and Sun as seen from space to explore the sun's apparent movement across the sky over the course of a day and year. They consider the apparent direction of movement and changes in the sun's angle.
Lesson Planet

The Mystery Constellation

For Teachers 2nd - 4th
Students decipher two teacher chosen mystery constellations a month. They listen to stories, explain what they know about constellations and name the mystery constellation.
Lesson Planet

Mystery Constellations

For Teachers 4th
Fourth graders predict constellations each month. In this astronomy instructional activity, 4th graders are presented with two constellations every month, and guess what they are as clues are given.
Lesson Planet

Meteor Showers

For Teachers 7th - 12th
Students use the Internet to discover the wonderful world of comets and meteor showers. They discover how to spot one and predict them using a calendar. They also examine the makeup of meteoroids and meteorites.
Lesson Planet

Reasons for Seasons

For Teachers 4th - 6th
Students track photoperiod (daylight hours) over time and predict how daylight change during different seasons. This helps build their understanding that ever-changing daylight is the driving force for migrations and all other seasonal...