Unit 1: Introduction to World Geography - The 5 Themes of Geography

Collector: Ann V.

The seven resources in the Introduction to World Geography - The 5 Themes of Geography unit are designed to give middle schoolers an overview of what they will learn studying geography. The first lesson focuses on the five themes (location, place, environment, movement, and regions), geographers’ tools, and the parts of a map. Next, an activity worksheet prompts young geographers to choose a country anywhere in the world to research and apply what they learned to the five themes of geography. Another activity introduces learners to the principle of location as they map the directions and lines of latitude/longitude of where they live. Young cartographers also mark the latitude and longitude coordinates of 15 cities from Baghdad, Iraq to Warsaw, Poland, and Anchorage, Alaska. The fifth activity asks scholars to choose a country to research and design a book explaining how their country applies to the five themes. Researchers include three facts or details for each of the themes. Class members then design a physical map for an imaginary nation to demonstrate what they have learned about the five themes of geography and their inner creativity. The last resource assesses pupils' understanding of the five themes and the geography unit's most important key terms and concepts. The test includes 15 fill-in-the-blank and 14 multiple-choice questions, sections for labeling a globe and map projects, and two final essay questions.

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