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Inquiry in Action: Fifth Grade

Collector: Ann V.

The Inquiry in Action: Fifth Grade Curriculum set contains five chapters, comprised of 16 lessons, activity sheets, videos, and other resources to help explain science concepts to young learners. In Chapter 1 - Matter is Made of Tiny Particles, pupils investigate dissolving, evaporation, and the condensation of solids, liquids, and gases. Chapter 2 – Substances Have Characteristic Properties looks at solubility, density, and other properties of solids and liquids. The focus of Chapter 3 – Substances Can Mix and React to Form New Substances is about chemical reactions that form new substances. Pupils discover that mass is conserved during melting dissolving and chemical change in Chapter 4. The final chapter in the set, Engineering Design, has young engineers design a device that uses a chemical reaction to make a cell phone float.

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