Imagine using your smart phone or tablet to grade a class set of quizzes in less than a minute. Imagine getting immediate results and being able to give immediate feedback. No hunting for scantrons. No waiting in line for the scantron machine. All these imaginings are possible with this handy grading application. 

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App Overview

Getting Started: 

  1. Create an account by providing your name and e-mail address
  2. Go to and print out answer sheets
  3. Create and name a new class by tapping the Classes button on the toolbar at the bottom of the home page
  4. Add students to the class by tapping Students in the tool bar
  5. Create a quiz by tapping Quizzes and then New
  6. Name the quiz and select an answer sheet form
  7. Press the Edit key and scan an answer sheet, or enter the correct answer for each question, and then press Done
  8. To correct the quizzes, place the answer sheet on a flat, well-lit surface
  9. Align the corners of the answer sheet to the corners of your device scanner
  10. Let the camera focus
  11. Your device will automatically scan the document and vibrate or make a sound when the scan is completed
  12. Quickly remove the answer sheet and replace it with a new one
  13. Press Done when finished scanning all the answer sheets
  14. Press Review Papers to examine each paper
  15. Press Item Analysis to see statistics for each question

Additional Features:

  • No Internet connection is required
  • When an Internet connection is available, the app will synchronize all scanned papers with a central server.
  • The automatic sync may be disabled by turning off the option on the ZipGrade Cloud page
  • Complete class lists may be imported
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Curator Rating
  • Adherence to task

    The app grades and provides an analysis of responses to quizzes and test questions

  • Worth the money

    Limited to the grading of and analysis of multiple choice and true/false questions

  • Fun factor
  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety

    The app is not password protected

  • Control and feedback

    The item analysis feature permits teachers to target problem questions

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas
  • Immediate scan quizzes, project the item analysis, and discuss quiz results with class members
Classroom Considerations
  • The first 100 graded papers are free; however, after that, a yearly subscription is required
  • Students must use blue or black pen or pencil and completely fill in the circle
  • Free to download, the app may be used 100 times before purchase is required
  • An unlimited number of quizzes/tests may be stored, each with up to 100 questions
  • The app provides an item analysis, permits multiple responses to each question, and may be accessed through the cloud
  • Student lists cannot be alphabetized once names have been entered
  • No directions are included in the app