Zach’s Lie: The K-W-H-L Strategy

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The attached resource is no lie! The K-W-H-L activity, which is fourth in a series of seven, serves as a pre- and post-assessment. First, pupils brainstorm what they know about a specific topic, then they list what they want to know, how they can find out, and what they learn. Help your class explore topics that spark interest before reading and challenge them to investigate their interests in an evidence-based, pre-reading strategy to find out the truths about Zach's Lie

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Frame the research part of the lesson with a SOLE; have the class work in small groups to answer a separate research question and share their results with the class 
  • Empower some of your learners by having them record answers from the class on a projected copy of the K-W-H-L chart for their peers
Classroom Considerations
  • Bullying can be a personal topic, sensitivity to each person is necessary 
  • If possible, structure the classroom in tables of four to suit both individual and whole-class work
  • The activity is inquiry-based and encourages individuals to find answers themselves
  • Offers a great opportunity to talk about research topics such as credible sources, fake news, how to search for items, etc.
  • Includes reference sheet and graphic organizer

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