You're a Superhero

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This You're a Superhero worksheet also includes:

Engage your English language learners' vocabulary acquisition superpowers with a set of materials about superheroes. Pupils create their own superhero alter-egos by choosing from a list of superpowers, deciding on sidekicks and other details, and illustrating their costume.

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Instructional Ideas
  • As suggested near the end of the resource, you could have kids work with partners or small groups when filling out their superhero profiles to encourage discussion and use of vocabulary
Classroom Considerations
  • Make sure to scroll to the end, where you can find suggestions for how to use the packet of materials
  • Comes with a few different versions of the superhero page to pick and choose from: one with a blank space for the illustration, one with a male outline, and one with a female outline
  • Samples of student work are included to give you an idea of what the final product might look like
  • None