Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer

Being too clean can inhibit your immune system from functioning properly, thus it is possible that washing your hands too much can actually make you sick. Pupils explore the difference between innate and acquired immunity with a video that teaches viewers how the various parts of the immune system protect them from bacteria and viruses.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Explore the good bacteria found within the human body and its role in our lives
  • Have learners research how stomach viruses cause people to throw-up or cause diarrhea and why, sharing their information with the class
Classroom Considerations
  • The narrator uses language that some viewers might find offensive; therefore, preview the entire video before deciding if appropriate for your learning situation
  • Video 32 in a series of 40
  • Hank keeps this video engaging via examples, visuals, and colorful language — ninjas, killers, ak-47s, etc. 
  • Video includes a table of contents so teachers can reshow a certain segment
  • The narrators uses some questionable language
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