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You Can’t Sneeze On This Tissue

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This You Can’t Sneeze On This Tissue unit plan also includes:

Take your class' understanding of cells to the next level... or levels! Demonstrate the levels of organization using a variety of engaging methods. The teacher's guide includes the materials you'll need to execute a flower dissection, levels-of-organization foldable, and a collaborative activity focusing on organs working together. Y-organ-a be pleased with the results!

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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide any 3-D models of cells, organs, and body systems available during the non-lab portions of this framework
  • Use the WebQuest "The Organ Trail" to reinforce items of which the class should have prior knowledge
Classroom Considerations
  • Use of the GIZMO presentations requires a subscription; schedule time in your school's library or computer lab if individual computers are not available in your classroom
  • Flower dissections require one flower per student pair; buy a few extra, just in case
  • The variety of approaches to mastery is refreshing and sure to keep class interesting
  • Lab-based activities show a progression from novice to intermediate, giving pupils a sense of their growth in skill level
  • Provides strong correlations between the levels of organization and organ functions that are commonly known
  • None