Year 2: Northern Europe

This Year 2: Northern Europe unit also includes:

How is life in Northern Europe different from other areas of the world? Historians journey through the various regions of Northern Europe discovering what type of climate, animals, and lifestyles exist in that section of the world. They use a directory of map exercises along with investigative research to gain understanding of what makes Northern Europe so unique. A final written assignment wraps up the unit as historians demonstrate their knowledge about what life is like in a faraway land. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Place a large map of Northern Europe in the front of the room as a reference during the unit 
  • Create stations around the room of different nations from Northern Europe, outlining their features and uniqueness 
Classroom Considerations

  • Teachers must print the map and flag materials in color

  • Lesson includes printable worksheets and materials for classroom use
  • Provides detailed lesson plans and answer keys for teacher planning

  • None