WWII: Western Europe 1939-45 – Resistance and SOE

This WWII: Western Europe 1939-45 – Resistance and SOE interactive also includes:

Germany seemed to be unstoppable in the early years of World War II, but the tireless and sacrificial work of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) helped to steer the war in another direction. After exploring primary source documents, videos, illustrations, and photographs, young historians create their own posters to recruit brave volunteers for the SOE.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Display the posters around the classroom and/or the school during a World War II unit
  • Send the link home for learners to complete in a flipped classroom setting
Classroom Considerations
  • Though the lesson is based on the British National Archives, it is applicable to any classroom's study of World War II
  • Requires Flash® and access to the Internet
  • The third part of a longer series on Western Europe's experience during World War II
  • Inspires learners to use critical thinking skills and creativity
  • Addresses a part of World War II history that may not be previously known by students
  • None