WWF Together

Animal lovers will enjoy this award-winning picturesque app which educates children and adults about the threats of endangered species.

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App Overview

With captivating photography, infographics, and interactivity, this app engages the user on many levels.

  • App enthusiasts can select a particular endangered species such as the snow leopard, and watch a hi-definition video of the animal in action, learn about the specific threats to its existence, and create an origami version of the animal
  • With the smart technology of locating one's address, a user can spin the globe and select other endangered species and find out the exact distance in miles away from them the animals lives
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Instructional Ideas

In a classroom setting with a study of endangered species, educators can use this app to help students investigate what is threatening certain species. They can then invite learners to create their own species protection plan.

Classroom Considerations

Note: the application encourages you to share it via social media or e-mail. It also won an Apple 2013 design award. There are eight endangered species' featured.


  • Easy to use
  • Amazing photography
  • Fun origami feature

  • There are only eight animals featured