Writing a Well-Structured Paragraph

Practice with paragraphs while thinking about careers! Learners examine and discuss two sample paragraphs, marking the different elements (topic sentences, body, concluding sentences), and try out writing their own paragraphs. Focusing on careers as a topic, pupils take some time to brainstorm and then write structured paragraphs.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
  • While the resource is designed for the fourth grade, the career planning materials could be used with older students as well
  • Adapt the paragraph materials for younger or older individuals by writing more or less complex model paragraphs for your learners to examine
  • Comes with necessary materials, such as sample paragraphs and career worksheets
  • The resource is based around a 3.5 paragraph, or a paragraph that makes three points in five sentences; this structure title will help learners remember what they need to do in a paragraph
  • The sample paragraphs aren't very well written
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