Writer's Toolbox

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This Writer's Toolbox ppt also includes:

Present the class with a slide show that will give them a great head start in writing expository and narrative texts. The information is highlighted for easy note taking, well organized, and presented in a kid-friendly manner. It provides tips and strategies for writing well constructed pieces, vocabulary, lists of similes and metaphors, and grammar practice that focus on writing to interest a reader. It has it all, details, idioms, dialogue, and a list of skills every good writer has to have.

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  • A very good resource that can be used with learners in grades four to eight
  • The information in the presentation can be used over the course of a few days or in conjunction with a full unit 
  • If sent home, the resource can provide parents with the information they need to support their child's learning
  • The slide show is somewhat text heavy. It may be a good idea to break up the text with images, videos, or drawings to address visual learners