Work, Energy, Power, Momentum

Planning a physics unit on energy can take a lot of work, luckily this instructional presentation is here to help. Covering everything from work and energy to elastic collisions and the conservation of momentum, this comprehensive resource is an excellent supplement to the content presented in physics textbooks.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Supplement instruction during a physics unit on energy with this PowerPoint presentation
  • Pause the presentation and allow students time to solve and discuss the different example problems before viewing the solutions
  • Use toy cars, bouncy balls, and other objects to physically demonstrate and model the different concepts covered in the presentation
Classroom Considerations
  • Though designed for a college physics course, this presentation can easily be adapted for high school classes 
  • Show this presentation over the course of a few class periods, focusing on one topic at a time
  • Provides equations necessary for calculating work, energy, power, and momentum
  • Offers numerous real-world examples that demonstrate how to perform calculations involving work, energy, power, and momentum
  • Includes diagrams and photographs that complement the concepts and examples presented in the resource
  • Presentation is available as a PowerPoint file that can be modified to meet the needs of specific students
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