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Four lessons boost scholars' proficiency in reading with accuracy and speed. Peers work together to boost fluency by timing each other as they read and sort multisyllabic words. Record sheets keep track of participants' progress.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Spend the first few minutes running through one of the lessons to get learners in a reading state of mind
  • Copy cards onto cardstock paper and laminate them for continued use
  • Make extra copies of word cards and send them home with pupils to read when they are outside fo school  
Classroom Considerations
  • The set of lessons are the second of five parts in a larger unit that focuses on fluency 
  • The duration reflects the completion of one practice 
  • Active partner participation encourages focus and accountability 
  • Provides several extension activities and accommodations for each lesson 
  • None
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