Women's Suffrage and World War I

This Women's Suffrage and World War I lesson plan also includes:

Democracy cannot exist where not everyone has equal rights. Discuss the state of democracy and women's suffrage during World War I with class discussions, debates, and primary source analysis, in order for class members to connect with the time period accurately.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a social studies class when focusing on World War I, the Progressive Era, or the Women's Suffrage Movement
  • Bring into a language arts class to discuss primary sources or informational text
  • Have learners use the extension activities and resources as independent project ideas
  • Compare the issues covered in the lesson (protests, equal rights movements, etc.) to similar occurrences in the world today
Classroom Considerations
  • Provides an abundance of assignments and discussion topics; divide the activities over several days or class periods
  • Discussion topics are thought-provoking and intriguing for all learners
  • Brings the concepts of the Progressive Era to the realities of your learners' lives
  • Provides primary source documents that you can use with other lessons or units
  • None