Winter Survival/Hike

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Hibernation isn't just about staying fed, it's about staying warm. Young environmentalists explore the importance of staying warm in the wilderness with a short lesson about surviving in the wild. Using gelatin to represent warm-blooded animals, classmates find an outdoor place for their "animal" to hibernate, and check back after a hike to see if their gelatin has hardened, indicating that the area was not warm enough for survival.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the lesson in the winter as part of an earth science or biology lesson, or during warmer months to demonstrate the changes of the seasons
  • Encourage your class to bring in examples of their warmest clothes, and have their peers decide whether the outfits would truly help them survive in the wilderness
  • Incorporate into a camp program or curriculum
  • Have groups compile survival kits to bring home in anticipation of upcoming camping trips
Classroom Considerations
  •  Younger learners might be upset at the idea that their animal did not survive
  • Most of the activity needs to be done outside
  • One box of gelatin should last for 20 participants, but you may need more if your group is larger
  • Provides helpful survival tips and a list of items to put into a survival kit
  • Wide range of accessible grades allows for versatility in classroom implementation
  • None