Why Socrates Hated Democracy

What would our country look like if only the educated could vote? Modern democracy is not an intellectual democracy, but a democracy by birthright — much to the chagrin of Socrates. An informative video briefly discusses the philosopher's views on an uninformed electorate, including the ultimate irony of said electorate determining his own death.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Show to your class during an election year when discussing voting rights
  • Have class members write an argument essay in which they argue for or against an intellectual democracy
Classroom Considerations

  • Compares the execution of Socrates to the crucifixion of Christ, a comparison that may be apt to some members of your class and offensive to others
  • Comment section is open to the public and full of opinions, most of them political

  • Uses an analogy of a sweet shop owner and a doctor as politicians trying to get elected
  • Includes interesting details of Socrates's life and death
  • Cautions against demagoguery

  • None