Why is the Universe Flat?

British astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle first coined the term the Big Bang in 1950. The theory explains much of what we have observed in the universe, but it does leave some things unexplained. The video discusses the Cosmic Inflation theory proposed in the 1980s, which solves two of the biggest problems with the original Big Bang theory.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Encourage scholars to explain the horizon problem and the flatness problem in their own words
  • Research the shapes of other universes and discuss what their future holds based on the information in the video
Classroom Considerations

  • Carefully show the video without the comments as many are sexist and inappropriate

  • Provides closed captioning in English, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • Includes an interview with the scientist who proposed Cosmic Inflation theory
  • Connects science to math

  • None
Common Core