Why is Hawaii's Ocean Important?

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This Why is Hawaii's Ocean Important? activity also includes:

Studying the oceans? Focus on Hawaii's ocean with a resource packed with activity-based worksheets. Everything from products that come from the ocean to the abundance of plants and animals that call the ocean their home, Hawaii's ocean is worth learning about.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Print off activities as you wish to use them instead of printing off the entire packet at once
  • Have groups do research on some of the marine animals mentioned in the resource and create a poster or interactive presentation to share with the class
  • Point out Hawaii on a map to make geography connections
  • Create a bulletin board out of some of the marine activities once they are colored or completed
Classroom Considerations
  • Best used as supplemental activities during a unit on ocean habitats and ecosystems
  • Review some of the materials required for each activity before using in the classroom
  • The 28-page packet comes with skills practice worksheets, hands-on activities, matching games, and word puzzles
  • Some sheets come with answer keys
  • None