Why Human Evolution Matters: Crash Course Big History #204

Is the progression of human complexity due to eating meat? The 14th video in a 16-part series attempts to answer this and other thought-provoking questions. It relates the process of human evolution and innovation to our ability to learn collectively. This level of communication made us the dominant species on the planet—but that might not be such a good thing after all.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Learn more about the ways other primates communicate and how communication has developed over the last 1,000 years
Classroom Considerations
  • Some comments include language not typically acceptable in the classroom
  • Relies on prior knowledge from the previous videos in the series
  • Highlights vocabulary and main ideas throughout
  • Connects history, science, psychology, and sociology
  • Offers subtitles in English for easier note taking
  • None