Why Does the Wind Blow?

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Without wind, the weather man wouldn't have much to talk about! Blow away your junior meteorologists with a creative demonstration of how wind works. The activity uses an empty soda bottle and compressible Styrofoam peanuts to illustrate the effects of changing pressure within a system.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Make the opening discussion of wind and weather more relevant by including local geography and how it affects conditions in your area
  • Ask pupils to hypothesize how using a bigger bottle would affect the demonstration
Classroom Considerations

  • Use marshmallows, rather than Styrofoam peanuts, for an eco-friendly lab
  • The activity requires a Fizz Keeper pump cap to add pressure to the soda bottle

  • Makes clear connections between pressure and geographical features to give students a clear picture of why winds move and change
  • The teacher's guide includes tips for turning the demonstration into small-group experiments 

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